Wayne Suffield's Lapwing and Silver Gull

7 January 2019

Just came across what has to be the birding photo of the week (not that we have such a thing) from Wayne in Ararat, via the Victorian Birders Facebook group. He says: " Above the Gardens, a Masked Lapwing leads a Silver Gull in a fly by. Impossible to expose for both, for me."

I reckon this photo's got it all - it's cropped beautifully, while still maintaining a narrative. The Lapwing is accurately focused with the Gull just out of focus, enhancing its pursuit. The spurs on the Lapwing's elbows are also nicely visible.

Finally, the birder in me is especially intrigued by this photo because it's normally the Lapwing that's chasing the Gull!

Great shot, Wayne.