Tufted Duck

14 January 2019

After two nights up at the dark sky site photographing NGC 2736, I (Bill) have finally had the chance to nip out to the poo farm in Werribee (armed with binoculars, ancient Kowa scope, ScopePix and DSLR) for the Tufted Duck.

This is the first time a Tufted Duck has ever been recorded in Australia. They're commonly seen in Europe, and can come down as far south as India or Japan. So you can understand that it has made quite a commotion in South East Australia!

Of course, there are a number of questions arising from this, like how did this male get here, how long will it stay, and will it turn into Falcon food,

You can see the photos I got below. The photo taken with the saxon ScopePix can't compete with a DSLR on a tripod with a 500mm lens, but at one fiftieth of the price and about the same proportion of weight, it can make the difference between ticking the bird and dipping!