saxon 909EQ2 unboxing video

Following a bit of a shuffle of display stock, I got the chance to make an unboxing video of a saxon Novo 909EQ2. This is the equatorial version of the Novo 909AZ3, and a very popular scope for the serious beginner. 

My opinion about this scope is very high. It's got a good long 910mm focal length, which makes it suitable for planets (we like to say that to get a half-way decent view of Saturn's rings you need about a 90 time magnification - and even then it's a small image).

It's also got a quite a passable 90mm aperture, which will show you the beginnings of the bright nebulas.

Of course, clusters (open ones like the Jewel Box, or Globulars like Omega Centauri) will look very good in this scope, as they are not badly affected by light pollution.

Of course, as you might know, I'm totally a refractor man, despite having been wowed by a big Dobsonian on the Orion Nebula a couple of months back.

The only drawback (if you could call it that) for a beginner for this scope is the fact that, because it's an equatorial mount, you have to learn to polar align it. I've dealt with this in my blog here (there's a video that goes with it) or a slightly different version on the Optics Central blog page

With a bit of practice and understanding (hopefully received from my blog post) a newish user should be able to do this in just a couple of minutes.

Have a look.