Zeiss Conquest Gavia unboxing video

I haven't finished one for a while, I know, but I've put up a new unboxing video on the Optics Central YouTube channel!

This one is a Zeiss Conquest Gavia 85, a spotting scope.

Mainly for birdwatchers, the Gavia zooms from 30 times to 60 times, looking through an 85mm objective. I had a fun time taking photos through it using my phone - our test target is a highly salubrious dumpster about 180 metres away on the other side of the car park.

Incidentally, the bird on the box is indeed a Gavia Arctica - the Black-throated Diver (or if you're in the US, I believe they're known as the Black-throated Loon). I've never seen one - I've seen a Red-throated in Norway, will that do?

You can see the video here

You can find the whole of the Optics Central YouTube channel, including all the other times I've made a goose of myself.