Unboxing video for a Celestron CPC 925

We've added a new video to the Optics Central YouTube channel - two in fact, as it comes in two parts.

In the first part, Bill unboxes a new Celestron CPC925. This is a large Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on a computerised go-to mount. 

He goes through the features of the scope, discusses what it's useful for as well as how it fits in with other scopes in the Celestron range. Then he unboxes it, going through what you get in the box.

Finally in this part, he assembles the scope, describes its various features and tries to come to terms with the size of this monster.

In the second part, Bill shows how the mount works with the Celestron NexStar hand controller, including doing a one-star alignment. He also describes a few optional accessories for the scope.

(I hasten to point out that I'm a telescope geek and not an actor!)