Video - unboxing the saxon Astroseeker 15075

We've uploaded another video onto the Optics Central YouTube channel. This one is me unboxing the saxon Astroseeker 15075. This is a 6-inch Newtonian on a light computerised alt-azimuth mount.

The mount is a nifty little unit, well capable of carrying the weight of the tube. It's a heavier duty mount than the SkyWatcher mini AZGTi, and is capable of taking a heavier tube than the Newtonian here. In fact, this mount is often found with a 127mm Maksutov.

The mount can be controlled by the hand controller that's included in the box. Alternatively, because the newest versions of the mount have a built-in WiFi connection, you can also control it using the SynScan app for your phone.

The tube is a standard Newtonian, with a parabolic mirror and a focal length of 750mm. This makes it an f/5, meaning it's good for deep-space objects, such as galaxies and nebulas. Star clusters and the Moon are also well within your reach, especially in light polluted areas, but planets will be small, so a Barlow lens will help here.

In the video, I unpack the two boxes and have a look at the components, explaining what they are and how to put them together. After that, I give a quick demonstration of how the mount is operated through the handbox and also through your phone.

I don't go into so much detail in the video as to show how to align the alt-az mount with the stars. I think this has been done in other videos, and because aligning the mount relates more to the brand and type of the mount, rather than the telescope, it may not be super relevant for people here. I may make a video (or a series of videos) about this in the future.



Finally, I've now written over 300 stories like this. They've all been about the same length, apart from some multi-part stories, and I've covered a pretty broad range of topics, from philosophy of science to bird watching to techniques of space flight. So now, I've decided to give myself a bit of time off. I'll be back in a month or so.