ASV Star-be-cue

20 December 2019

ASV Star-be-cue weather forecast is good - well, a lot better than it was a couple of days ago.

We've got an updated meteogram for the ASV's dark sky site for tomorrow's Star-be-cue.

A few days ago the forecast was for 100% cloud all night. Because of this, some people were considering not coming.

But worry not! The cloud is now forecast to be less - certainly enough to do at least some astronomy.

Besides, part of the reason for the Star-be-cue is to catch up with fellow astronomers, so my advice is to take the risk. You'll have a great night, even if you don't see as many stars as you might have.

I'll be there - a bit late though, as I have to work here until 4pm - so probably after 6, depending on traffic.