Top 10 scopes 2019

28 October 2019

I've been busy blogging on lists lately. The latest one is the "top 10 telescopes for 2019".

This is different to the Christmas gift list as I wasn't restricted by price (mwa ha ha!)

In order to narrow it all down, I split the competition into categories, so I've chosen the following:

Two basic scopes

Two telescopes for viewing planets

One telescope for viewing galaxies and nebulas

One scope for short period astrophotography

Three scopes for long period astrophotography (can you guess why?)

One scope for terrestrial viewing

One pair of astronomical binoculars

Have a look at my choices and see if you agree or disagree. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments. I'll be particularly interested in hearing from people who have bought scopes and what they think of them.

Incidentally, I took the glamour photo of the Esprit 100 while making the unboxing video. Its proud owner knows who he is. He also knows that I'm just a fraction jealous...