Unboxing the Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED triplet APO - new video

We've just released a new video on our YouTube channel!

Sky-Watcher Esprit triplet refractors are about as good a scope as you can get, without having to sell your house.

Have you ever noticed odd colours around bright stars in your field of view? In particular, are you irritated by blue halos around these bright stars? Red fringes on the edges of the Moon? This is chromatic aberration. For astrophotographers, it's maddening. Esprits reduce chromatic aberration to nearly undetectable levels.

"Triplet" type refractors do this by having three carefully designed and made elements in the objective group up the front end. This means that the colours can be focused sharply all at the same spot, eliminating all those false colours.

Sky-Watcher Esprit scopes come with matched field flatteners, which improve your astrophotography further. Without a field flattener, if you focus on a star in the middle of the frame, the stars on the outside are slightly out of focus.

In the video, Bill takes you through all the parts you get with the Esprit, and shows how they all go together for visual viewing, as well as astrophotography.

Check out the video. You can even leave a comment.